High Voltage Spin

Monday & Wednesday morning or Thursday evening

With Trish

If the thought of 45 minutes on a spin bike freaks you out, you have not experienced the right kind of spin class! Trish’s high voltage spin classes use proper bangin’ beats and focuses on the rhythm of the music to help you not only forget you’re exercising but also to enjoy your time in the saddle.

Kids Muay Thai

5pm Monday & Thursday

With Matty

If you’d like your child to learn a new sport, get them active and teach them to learn respect through the ancient art of Muay Thai, then this class is perfect. Matty will teach the kids all the basics of Thai boxing in a fun, safe environment. Ages range from 4 up to 14.

Full body conditioning

Monday 6pm

With Matty

If you’re looking to get in shape & improve your cardiovascular system this class is a must. 60 minutes of functional fitness in a circuit style class using various top of the range equipment from the assault air bike to the concept 2 rowing machines- this class is not for the faint hearted.

Muay Thai Boxing

Monday 7pm

With Matty

Whether you’re an experienced Thai boxer, or a complete novice looking to take up a new sport, this class suits all. Our professional Thai boxing coach Matty will work on all the fundamentals, from correct punching techniques all the way to sweeps and teeps.

Burscough Barbell Powerlifting Training Sessions

7pm Monday

With our North West Powerlifting Champions Tom Smith and Kalvin Hughes

If you’re looking to improve your squat, deadlift or bench press this class is for you. If you’re new to powerlifting then you can book in with our North West powerlifting coaches who will help you develop correct form and technique in the 3 lifts. If you’re an experienced lifter you can also just turn up at 7pm to get a bit of extra motivation from the rest of the Volt powerlifting squad that train at this time on a Monday.

Sweat to the Beat

Tuesday & Friday mornings

With Trish

Ever wished you could start your mornings with a class set to the dulcet sounds of early Phil Collins and Michael Jackson? Well your wishes have been granted. We present to you Sweat to the Beat, a functional HIIT based workout set to the tracks of legends that’ll get you more than ready to face the day.

Sweat with K

6.30pm Tuesday

With Karla

Work out with our national female physique coach Karla Evans. She’s had over 10 years experience in the game so you know this class is good. 45 minutes of high intensity conditioning to burn major amounts of calories and get you sweating!

Vinyasa Yoga

Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday

With Helen

This form of Yoga offers clear sequencing and a more energetic pace. Vinyasa is great for increasing strength and flexibility whilst harnessing concentration. Helen brings her unique experience to tailor a complete holistic workout based on the class’ needs.


6pm Thursday

With Mike

Metabolic Conditioning workouts, or MetCons for short, are fast paced, high intensity workouts completed in a short period of time that will challenge your cardiovascular capacity, put your metabolism into overdrive and rapidly burn fat. Walk in, crawl out.

Ladies Lifting

8am Saturday

With Karla

Ladies lifting prioritises quality of movement over max repetitions. Karla will help you move, look and feel better by working with increased Time Under Tension and focusing on perfecting movement mechanics. This class takes place before the gym publicly opens so you will have the place to yourselves!

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