Volt Gym is based around the concept of creating the ultimate training space, culminating the best equipment, a first class sound system, mood enhancing lighting, engaging interior design and air-con / ventilation system throughout with carbon filters so the air is as pure as possible. Gyms often carry the stereo-types of being cold, dirty, unwelcoming places with intimidating atmospheres . Here at Volt Gym we’ve attempted to create an environment where you actually want to come and train, enjoy the process and feel empowered.


  • Olympic lifting / Powerlifting space – 2 full power-racks, 1 half-rack and 4 deadlift platforms.
  • 6 specialised Rogue weightlifting bars accompanied with 459kg of competition standard Rogue steel plates.
  • 12.5m sled track, a Rogue dog sled 2.1 combined with 4 different attachments and farmers walk handles completes our ‘power tunnel’.
  • Dedicated free-weight area with 8 stand-alone benches, dumbbells up to and including 60kg. Multiple pairs between 2.0kg and 30kg.
  • 13 piece cardio suite, each machine features the brand new Life Fitness Discovery SE3 console allowing users to access the internet, watch TV and even watch Netflix whilst burning calories.

  • 16 Hammer Strength plate loaded pieces coupled with 3 metric tonnes of plates.

  • Life Fitness SYNRGY 360 Rig- 5 cable pulleys and functional stations such as slam ball, dips and box jumps, perfect for gruelling circuits and group training.
  • Functional outdoor space ideal for our boot-camp style classes.
  • Bespoke CrossFit style studio space featuring Concept 2 ski ergs, rowing machines & assault bikes. Perfect for upping the intensity & crushing those circuit sessions!

  • On site supplement store.


Student Membership

£2499/ month
  • No Joining Fee
  • Full Gym Access
  • Classes Included

Standard Membership

£2899/ month
  • No Joining Fee
  • Full Gym Access
  • Classes included

Corporate Memberships also available

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Karla Evans
Karla EvansPersonal Trainer
Your goals are as unique as you are.

I may have learnt it the hard way but we should never feel pressured by the media or by others to drop weight or develop defined abs and curves. They are not the secret to true happiness. However if that really is your goal, don’t let others be critical! And for those of you if you want to focus on getting stronger or perhaps to increase those activity levels, don’t you ever let anyone or anything stand in your way. The truth is if you want to make positive and lasting changes, you need to find an approach to training and food that works for you, your body and your lifestyle. What’s the point in doing something that isn’t fun or enjoyable? Life really is too long to be unhappy! It’s time to start taking care of ourselves, fully embracing our bodies and feeling confident and sexy in our own skin!

Emily Morgan
Emily MorganPersonal Trainer
After graduating from university in 2020 with a Psychology degree, my journey into studying health and fitness continued after I completed my Levels 2 and 3 in personal training in the year following.

I first started training about 6 years ago however recent years of following a programme and training consistently has really boosted my progress! It allowed me to reap the benefits which came with applying myself correctly when it came to my lifestyle.

At the start of 2021, I decided I wanted to do a photoshoot. The process involved me going through the stages of a bulk and then into a cut. Doing this gave me a lot more knowledge and understanding of the process which I can apply to your fitness journey!

I am a very motivated individual who enjoys working with others. I love helping people grow in confidence, while helping them find a love for training and creating a healthy, non-restrictive lifestyle!

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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